I’m honored to have the support of so many
trusted leaders and organizations at the
local, state, and federal levels.

Maryland and First District Leaders
Support Heather’s Campaign

Chris Van Hollen

U.S. Senator

Johnny Olszewski

Baltimore County Executive

Wayne Gilchrest

Former GOP Congressman (MD-01)

Local Republican, Democratic and Independent Leaders Endorse Heather Mizeur, including:

Dutch Ruppersberger, Congressman (MD-02)

David Trone, Congressman (MD-06)

Anthony Brown, Congressman (MD-04)

Jamie Raskin, Congressman (MD-08)

Kweisi Mfume, Congressman (MD-07)

Steaurt Pittman, Anne Arundel County Executive

Shelly Hettleman, State Senator (District 11)

Jim Rosapepe, State Senator (District 21)

Sarah Elfreth, State Senator (District 30)

Pamela Beidle, State Senator (District 32)

Lisa Belcastro, State Delegate (District 11)

Dana Stein, State Delegate (District 11)

Joseline Peña-Melnyk, State Delegate (District 21)

Benjamin Barnes, State Delegate (District 21)

Mary Lehman, State Delegate (District 21)

Dana Jones, State Delegate (District 30A)

Sandy Bartlett, State Delegate (District 32)

Heather Bagnall, State Delegate (District 33)

Steve Johnson, State Delegate (District 34A)

Michele Guyton, State Delegate (District 42B)

Sheila Ruth, State Delegate (District 44B)

Gavin Buckley, Mayor of Annapolis

Jake Day, Mayor of Salisbury

Stacy Link, Mayor of Sykesville

Mona Becker, Mayor of Westminster

Cathy Bevins, Baltimore County Councilmember

Izzy Patoka, Baltimore County Councilmember

Tom Quirk, Baltimore County Councilmember

Andre Johnson, Harford County Councilmember

Bill McCain, Wicomico County Councilmember

Josh Nordstrom,Worcester County Commissioner

Adam Hiob, Aberdeen City Councilmember

Thomas Herz, Jr., Chestertown Councilmember

Rev. Ellsworth Tolliver, Chestertown Councilmember

Meghan Efland, Chestertown Councilmember

Doncella Wilson, Denton Town Councilmember

Megan Cook, Easton Town Councilmember

Jason Robertson, Havre de Grace City Councilmember

Todd Nock, Pocomoke City Councilmember

Angela Blake, Salisbury City Councilmember

Michele Gregory, Salisbury City Councilmember

Scott Poyer, Anne Arundel County Clerk of the Court

Nivek Johnson, Kent County Board of Education Member

Francoise Sullivan, Kent County Board of Education Member

Doug Gansler, Former Attorney General of Maryland

Art Helton, Former State Senator (District 6)

Dr. Dan Morhaim, Former State Delegate (District 11)

Virginia Clagett, Former State Delegate (District 30)

Chris Cerino, Former Mayor of Chestertown

Chris Trumbauer, Former Anne Arundel County Councilmember

Jeff Powell, Former Dorchester County Commissioner

David Dunmyer, Former Queen Anne’s County Commissioner

Carol Fordonski, Former Queen Anne’s County Commissioner

Bob Hardy, Former Centreville Town Councilmember

Laura Mitchell, Former Salisbury City Councilmember

Allison Galbraith, Former Candidate for Congress, MD-01

John LaFerla, Former Candidate for Congress, MD-01

Mia Mason, Former Candidate for Congress, MD-01

Bill Tilghman, Former Candidate for Congress, MD-01

U.S. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)

Havre de Grace Mayor Bill Martin (R)

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day (D)

Delegate Steve Johnson (D)

Cecil Co. Councilmember Bill Coutz (R)

Worcester Co. Councilmember Josh Nordstrom (D)

Wicomico Co. Councilmember Bill McCain (D)

Former Dorchester Co. Councilman Jeff Powell (R)

Talbot Co. Councilmember Corey Pack (R)

Former Cecil Co. Executive Alan McCarthy (R)

Harford Co. Councilmember Andre Johnson (D)

Bel Air Mayor Kevin Bianca (N)

Throughout her career, Heather has led the charge on policies that have made Maryland a fairer, stronger, more equitable state by building consensus and bringing people together. She is the bold innovative leader we need in Congress for Maryland’s First District.

Heather Mizeur has spent her entire career reaching across the aisle, building diverse coalitions, and finding innovative solutions to problems. She lives and breathes the work of unity and we desperately need this in our politics today.

Heather’s the real deal. When we were trying to improve the Cambridge waterfront, Andy Harris wasn’t much help. Heather got things moving — and she’s not even in office yet.

National Organizations

Heather Mizeur has a unique ability to bring people together and build consensus while also being a fierce, dedicated advocate for her values. She has a strong record of finding common-sense policy solutions for the problems facing our state, and I know she will make an excellent Congresswoman for the First District.

I know Heather’s values, I know her record, and I trust that her first priority in Congress will always be the people of her district. This is a critical seat for defending our Majority. Heather will be a major asset to our Maryland Congressional delegation.

I have been lucky enough to see Heather’s policy knowledge and strategic thinking in action. I’m 100 percent on Team Mizeur for Congress.

Black Alliance for Mizeur (BAM!)

The Black Alliance for Mizeur is a space to directly engage and lift up Black excellence in the First District.

  • Wanda Boyer
  • Josh Freeman
  • Keli Goldsborough
  • Airlee Johnson
  • The Honorable Andre Johnson
  • The Honorable Todd Nock
  • Tasha Thomas
  • The Honorable Rev. Ellsworth Tolliver
  • Paul Tue
  • Gordon Wallace
  • The Honorable Doncella Wilson
Farmers for Mizeur

Farmers across the First District – from those with small, organic plots to tens of thousands of acres under tillage – support Heather.

  • Oksana Bocharova, Oksana’s Produce Farm, Queen Anne’s County
  • Cleo Braver and Allie Tyler, Cottingham Farm, Easton
  • Judy Crow, Crow Farm, Kennedyville
  • Susan R. Cummings, Harford County
  • Justinian Dispenza, Eastern Shore Permaculture Institute, Galena
  • Ed and Marian Fry, Chestertown
  • Judy Gifford and Robert Fry, St. Brigid’s Dairy Farm, Kennedyville
  • Shirley Hastings, Rose Point Farm, Wicomico County
  • Jessica Jackson, Fat and Happy Farms, Grasonville
  • Arthur T. Johnson Jr., SweetAire Farm, Harford County
  • Bill and Phyllis Kilby, Kilby Cream, Cecil County
  • Brian Knox and Jennifer Vaccaro, Where Pigs Fly Farm, Centreville
  • Leslie Leether, Victory Garden Apiary, Somerset County
  • Molly and Roy Mears, Chester River Aronia, Kent County
  • Kathleen Moss, Fox Briar Farm, Easton
  • Caitlin Patton-Rosenberg and Richard Rosenberg, Double Forte Farm, Galena
  • Lori Sallet, Boxer’s Rest Farm, Queen Anne’s County
  • Dean Synder and Jane Malone, Coops and Crops, Kennedyville
  • Christina and Bart Stinchcomb, Airy Hill Stables, Chestertown
Students and Youth for Mizeur

On and off the many campuses in our district, students and young people are fired up about sending Heather to congress.

  • Annie G., Salisbury University
  • Stephen H., Washington College
  • Mikayla L., Salisbury University
  • Nick S., Washington College
  • Darrien W., Salisbury University