Chestertown, MD – Heather Mizeur, Democratic nominee for Congress in Maryland’s First Congressional District, today rebuked her opponent, Rep. Andy Harris, for backing out of their only scheduled debate after promising he would participate.

Mizeur and Harris had agreed to a debate October 26 at Cecil College, but Harris pulled out Wednesday after debate organizers decided not to include a third-party candidate who has done no campaigning and has no evident support.

“This is a big disappointment, because people deserve to hear from the incumbent and his only serious challenger before casting their votes,” said Heather Mizeur, candidate for Congress in Maryland’s First District. “It’s unfortunate that my opponent has gone back on his commitment to debate, although not surprising since he also broke his promise not to seek a seventh term in office.”

Mizeur added: “Of course, if I had Andy Harris’ record, I wouldn’t want to have to publicly defend it either. We already knew Harris was a traitor who plotted to overturn a free and fair election. Now it’s clear he’s also a coward.”

Mizeur said she still hopes to share a stage with Harris at an upcoming candidates’ forum being planned by several League of Women Voters organizations on the Eastern Shore. The date and location of that event have not yet been announced.

Organizers of the Cecil debate noted that the Libertarian candidate has no campaign operation or social media presence and has done no spending or fundraising.

“This is a two-person race, and everyone knows it – including Andy Harris,” said Mike Cross-Barnet, a Mizeur campaign spokesman. “The only reason for Congressman Harris to insist on having a third candidate on the debate stage is that he’s afraid of going toe-to-toe with Heather Mizeur. As he should be.”

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