Chestertown, MD – Heather Mizeur, Democratic nominee in Maryland’s First Congressional District, today announced the release of her latest broadcast television ad, which begins airing in the Baltimore media market and on digital platforms this week.

Titled “Radical,” the ad features First District residents who highlight the truth about Rep. Andy Harris’ extreme positions, which frequently align him with a small minority of his most radical colleagues. For example, out of the 435 voting House members, Harris was one of just 20 who recently opposed a bill to fight sex trafficking, and one of only 30 who voted against compensation for 9/11 victims and their families.

In the ad, ordinary voters face the camera as they express their dismay over Harris’ voting record. “Harris voted against health care for veterans exposed to burn pits,” one man, a veteran, says. “Harris met with a white supremacist at the Capitol,” another constituent of Harris notes. “He’d ban abortion everywhere,” one woman points out, as another adds, “Even for victims of rape and incest.” “Those aren’t our values,” another declares.

The ad will reach thousands of First District households in the final weeks of the 2022 election campaign. It sheds light on the fact that while Andy Harris avoids the national spotlight, he is every bit as extreme as his better-known colleagues on the far right who have become household names.

“Andy Harris is one of the most radical and extreme members of Congress in the entire country,” said Heather Mizeur, candidate for Congress in Maryland’s First District. “He consistently opposes the interests of his constituents, including veterans, first responders, farmers – even vulnerable kids. When it’s election time and he needs our votes, he comes around here acting like he’s one of us. But he doesn’t share our values.”

Last month Mizeur released her first TV ad, titled “Agree.” It shows a conversation between two Eastern Shore natives – a Republican developer and politician and a third-generation waterman – who are supporting her bid for Congress. “Agree” will continue to air in both the Baltimore and Salisbury media markets.

Heather Mizeur, a former state delegate, lives with her wife, Deborah, on a 34-acre farm outside Chestertown in Kent County.

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