Meet Heather Mizeur

Heather Mizeur has spent her professional life over the last twenty-five years passionately engaged in public service. She is a policy expert, a former elected official and gubernatorial candidate, a farmer and the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization focused on social justice. The common thread through all of her work is a desire to advance bold policy while building consensus and creating the connections needed to face the challenges ahead.

Heather’s life is defined by a commitment to service and stewardship that was formed in her early years. She is the oldest daughter of a retired factory welder who spent 32-years as an active member of the United Auto Workers. Labor strife and economic hardship were centerpieces of the Mizeur family experience. Politics and civic engagement were daily topics at the dinner table. Seven generations of family farming also run deep through her DNA. And Heather’s spiritual life, rooted in her Catholic faith, is the animating force behind her dedication to social justice.

Heather was known in Annapolis as a legislative powerhouse during the eight years she served in the House of Delegates. Before her election to the Maryland General Assembly, she served as U.S. Senator John Kerry’s Domestic Policy Director for four years and was the principal architect of his 2004 presidential campaign’s health care reform agenda. She also worked for three Democratic U.S. House members, and spent four years as a national advocate for nonprofit community health centers serving the uninsured, rural families, and migrant farmworkers.

After leaving elected office, Heather founded Soul Force Politics, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the worsening divisions in American politics and civic life. Heather’s career also includes four years of national service as a member of AmeriCorps, where she worked as a tutor and mentor with students sponsored by the I Have a Dream Foundation.

A commitment to stewardship is infused throughout Heather’s relationship with the natural world, including her work at Apotheosis Farm. Ten years ago, she and her spouse, Deborah, bought a 34-acre farm in Chestertown, on Maryland’s gorgeous Eastern Shore, where they live and operate their businesses. Apotheosis is a Greek word meaning “elevating the divinity within” and the spirit of that sentiment – of rising to our highest, best self – is present in the energy of the farm and all of the work they do there. The land at Apotheosis has given Heather the gift of quiet exploration, deepened intuition, and a growing connection to the wisdom offered by the knowings of nature. Deborah and Heather hold their stewardship of this land as a sacred responsibility. Right relationship to Earth is foundational to everything.