Chestertown, MD — Heather Mizeur, Democratic candidate for Congress in Maryland’s First District, said the following in response to Congressman Andy Harris’ decision to appear as a featured speaker in an extraordinary and dangerous CPAC conference in Hungary this week:

“It’s been an extraordinary week for Andy Harris.

At home, he voted against funding to address the baby formula shortage crisis; was a no vote on a bill to combat domestic terrorism; and was at the very fringe of his party as one of 17 people in the Congress to reject giving death benefits to families of public safety officers who lost their lives to suicide as a result of work-related trauma.

And abroad, Harris is making waves as a featured speaker alongside Tucker Carlson at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held in Hungary, so as to highlight the radical and authoritarian leadership of Harris’ political idol, Viktor Orbán — who, in a speech earlier this week, made explicit affirming references to the ‘great replacement theory’ ideology that is regular fear-based content pushed by Carlson on his Fox News network and that was cited by the killer who opened fired in a supermarket in a predominantly black area in Buffalo last week.

Andy Harris is a dangerous extremist. His votes are not within the mainstream views of the First District. He is radical and hypocritical. He calls himself ‘pro-life’ but votes against funding that would feed our babies. He says he ‘backs the blue’ but apparently not their families when they need help the most. He calls himself a patriot, but he stands against democracy as a full-throated supporter of the January 6th insurrection and of Orbán’s authoritarianism. He claims to support Ukraine but is speaking today in Hungary with Tucker Carlson to lavish praise on Putin’s greatest European ally. None of this is acceptable. He embarrasses the First District on a regular basis and the voters will reject his radical views and failed representation when we defeat him in November.”

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