Chestertown, MD — Today, Heather Mizeur, Democratic candidate for Congress, released a robust, hyper-local plan to boost the economy of Maryland’s First District. The plan, which includes ten subsections and totals 33 pages, maps out a blueprint for how Mizeur’s future congressional office will work to deliver federal resources to the First District, lower costs, create better jobs, and put more money in working families’ pockets.

The full plan, entitled “EconomyFirst,” can be viewed here. The release of the plan comes after months of community engagement with stakeholders from across the First District, and EconomyFirst incorporates many policy ideas developed through meetings with local experts and authorities.

EconomyFirst reflects the First District’s unique character and heritage: mostly rural, closely tied to the Chesapeake Bay, and now brimming with talent and innovation as an emerging technology hub. It lays out a roadmap to use new opportunities arising from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as well as existing community resources to help create jobs, solve environmental challenges, and strengthen the small businesses that are our economy’s lifeblood.

EconomyFirst also calls for additional federal action to give First District families, workers and entrepreneurs a fighting chance. These include: temporarily suspending the federal gas tax; continuing pandemic relief for hard-hit restaurants; expanding tax credits for workers, parents, and clean-energy producers; creating a tax cut for renters; fixing the broken H-2B Visa Program to rescue our crabbing industry; adding a rural spending component to the Consumer Price Index; implementing and funding a dedicated program for rural housing stability assistance; boosting regulatory and tax relief for small businesses; and increasing the federal minimum wage so Maryland businesses can compete on a level playing field.

With the release of EconomyFirst, Mizeur is showing how her leadership style differs from that of incumbent Congressman Andy Harris. In over a decade in Washington, Harris has had no legislative successes, and he continues to stand idly by as costs rise and First District families struggle – complaining about the problems we face, but not providing any solutions to fix them. In fact, he has continuously voted against targeted federal investment to boost the local economy – even refusing to put in requests on behalf of First District projects that need funding, allowing that money to be spent on other parts of the state and country.

To that end, EconomyFirst is not a spending plan – rather, it is largely a blueprint of how Mizeur will ensure the First District gets its share of money that Congress is already allocating. Relentlessly pursuing federal funding opportunities provides a stimulant to partner with and to unleash the job-creating potential of organizations, institutions, and private sector and industry investments in our region.

For the most part, the plan is not reliant on new spending – and in the cases where EconomyFirst calls for targeted new investments, they will be more than paid for by closing tax loopholes for large corporations and asking individuals who make more than $400,000 annually to pay the same rates they were paying before the 2017 Trump tax cuts went into effect.

“The economy is the number one issue that comes up on the trail, hands down. It doesn’t matter if I’m talking to a Democrat, a Republican or an independent – I hear the same thing: that people are struggling and they want a leader who has real, innovative ideas and who will take action,” said Heather Mizeur, Democratic candidate for Congress. “The First District gets a lot of talking and complaining from Washington – Andy Harris blames anyone and everyone for the high costs and the economic problems, but we have never heard him offer a single solution. He has failed us in this job. I dare say that in the mere formulation and writing of this plan, I have already put more thought and work into our region’s economic future than Andy Harris has devoted to this topic in almost twelve years as our Representative.”

Mizeur continued: “I am running for Congress to be the fierce advocate we deserve; to wake up every day looking for new ways to help lower the cost of living, create better jobs, and put more money in our pockets. It’s not enough for me to make the case on why I want voters to fire Andy Harris. It’s my job to make them excited to hire me. I will work hard every day to deliver the results I have outlined in this blueprint for economic development for our region.”

For more on Heather Mizeur’s campaign and to read the EconomyFirst plan, visit www.heathermizeur.com. Follow the campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/heathermizeur and on Twitter @heathermizeur.

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