Chestertown, MD — Today, the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) — the state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA) — announced the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education’s recommendation of Heather Mizeur, Democratic nominee in Maryland’s First Congressional District.

“In Congress, Heather Mizeur will be a champion for America’s students and Maryland’s working families. She is someone who knows how critical it is to ensure that every student has access to quality public schools,” said National Education Association President Becky Pringle.

“Heather Mizeur has a proven record of partnering with parents and educators to ensure all students — no matter their ZIP Code or background — have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their dreams,” Pringle said. “She understands that educators — those who know the names of the students in the classroom — must have a seat at the table when making education policy. Heather Mizeur recognizes that expanding the use of community schools — bringing academic coursework, health and social services, and community engagement under one roof — is the most effective way to address the gaps our students face, improve learning, and build stronger communities. And in Congress, Heather Mizeur will continue helping to level the playing field for working families, while getting things done to help students, educators, and families across Maryland, which is why the National Education Association is proud to recommend her in Maryland’s First Congressional District.”

Mizeur has been a strong advocate for public education throughout her career in public service. As a member of the Maryland General Assembly, Mizeur worked to address a massive school construction backlog, led efforts to increase K-12 funding, and opposed shifting the cost of teacher pensions to local governments. She served as vice chair of the House of Delegates’ Education and Economic Development Subcommittee.

“Heather Mizeur has been a great friend to students and educators here in Maryland,” said MSEA President Cheryl Bost. “With public schools under attack from a strident, extremist agenda, her voice in Washington will be essential for our continued success at the national level.”

Mizeur said she was honored to be endorsed by both the NEA, which represents education professionals nationwide, and the MSEA, with 75,000 members here in Maryland, including local associations in her district. 

“It is essential that our state and our country treat its educators, students, and families with the respect they deserve,” said Heather Mizeur, Democratic nominee in Maryland’s First Congressional District. “When school employees are underpaid and under-appreciated, students bear the direct consequences of that, and in the end we all suffer.”

“Maryland once led the way in innovation and support for public education, and to win the future, we must do so again. Educators are on the front lines of this fight, which is why I consider this recommendation such a special honor,” Mizeur said.

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