Chestertown, MD – A Washington College poll released today shows challenger Heather Mizeur in a tight race with six-term incumbent Andy Harris for Maryland’s First Congressional District.

The Eastern Shore Opinion Poll, which polled registered voters across the entire First District, found Harris with a 45-39 lead, a separation between the two candidates of just six percentage points (with a four-point margin of error). Harris garnered the support of well under 50 percent of respondents, despite his high name recognition after 12 years in Congress.

The number of undecided respondents, 13 percent, far exceeds the margin between the two candidates, indicating a contest that is truly up for grabs entering the final weekend before Election Day.

“The polling data released today confirms what we’ve been saying for months: This is a competitive race, and the momentum is on our side,” said Noah Habenstreit, Mizeur’s campaign manager. “Andy Harris, a six-term incumbent, is polling well under 50 percent just days before the election – an extremely weak position in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats by a significant margin.”

The poll also reveals a serious approval problem for Harris. Only 41 percent of respondents rated him favorably, even as 59 percent identified as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents. Mizeur’s net favorability rating, according to the poll, is +9, while Harris’s is only +4.

“For weeks now, the feeling on the ground has indicated a very close race that is breaking our way – and now there’s solid evidence for what we’ve all been feeling,” said Heather Mizeur, candidate for Congress in Maryland’s First District. “Our message of unity and bipartisanship is resonating and our movement is growing as we roll toward victory.”

Mizeur Wants to Bridge Gaps During Highly Divisive Times

Ocean City Today

With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, Democratic candidate Heather Mizeur stopped by the Ocean City Today office to discuss her platform, wind energy, the athletic complex and more. She is challenging Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Harris for his First Congressional District seat.

This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.

“If my grandfather were alive he would say, ‘You ain’t got a farm, you got yourself a big garden,’” Mizeur jokingly said of her 34-acre farm in Chestertown as compared to the corn, soy bean and wheat farming her family did as she grew up.

Mizeur represented the 20th District in Montgomery County in the Maryland House of Delegates from 2007 to 2015, and announced her intentions to run for the First District Congressional seat in 2021. The district includes the Eastern Shore, Harford County, and parts of Baltimore County. She won the Democratic primary in June by 40 points.

Heather Mizeur: Campaign Against Andy Harris Has ‘Huge Amount of Momentum’

Washington Blade

Heather Mizeur on Wednesday said her campaign to unseat Republican Congressman Andy Harris has “a huge amount of momentum” in the final days before Election Day.

“We’ve really done something with this unity coalition that we’ve been putting together for almost two years now,” Mizeur told the Washington Blade during a telephone interview.

Mizeur served on the Takoma Park City Council before she served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 2007-2015. Mizeur ran for governor in 2014.

Mizeur, who now lives on the Eastern Shore with her wife, announced her campaign against Harris in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District less than a month after the Jan. 6 insurrection.

She defeated David Harden in the Democratic primary that took place on July 19. Mizeur would be the first openly lesbian member of Congress from Maryland if she defeats Harris on Tuesday.

Letter to the Editor

Cecil Whig

Just to be clear, I voted for Trump in 2020 and have voted for Andy Harris six times. I am not a liberal and don’t want to be one. But recently I have been watching people in this country take sides like we are preparing for war. What I am hearing the politicians and hosts of my favorite shows say seems so angry and a little bit crazy. And I think they are just trying to make me angry so I’ll blame the Democrats for everything and vote for my party, Republican.

So, I just said to myself I’m done listening to the noise and I will see just what I can find out about Andy Harris before I vote for him a seventh time. I want to know what he has done for Cecil County and for my family. So, I searched his name and found the congressional website that tells how your representative votes on bills, and this is what I read.

Meet the Congressman Who Is Viktor Orbán’s Biggest Fanboy

The New Republic

On the surface, the House resolution put forward in April by Democrat Gerry Connolly and Republican Michael Turner looked like an uncontroversial enough measure supporting NATO efforts to bolster democracy in member countries. The resolution, which cited threats posed by “authoritarian regimes,” urged the Biden administration to uphold NATO’s “founding democratic principles.”

But Andy Harris, the six-term GOP House member from rural Maryland, objected strenuously to the measure as a slap against Hungary, a NATO member he has often championed despite its hard swerve toward authoritarian rule under Viktor Orbán. A member of the House’s far-right Freedom Caucus and co-chair of the Hungarian Caucus, Harris tried to torpedo the resolution during floor debate by attacking a provision that called for setting up a NATO unit to help its members build democratic institutions.

Letter to the Editor

The Cecil Whig

I urge Cecil County voters to watch the debate between 1st Congressional District incumbent Andy Harris and Democratic challenger Heather Mizeur that took place last Wednesday at Cecil College. You can find the video at Cecil.TV. It’s a well-run debate revealing of the character and capabilities of both candidates. The final question asking incumbent Andy Harris about his participation in the former president’s Dec. 21, 2020 White House meeting to strategize with “select” legislators was particularly revealing of Harris’s character. His response was to marvel at how wonderful that he, the son of immigrants, was so privileged as to find himself sitting in front of the Resolute desk that day. Yes, the son of immigrants got to be in the presence of that symbol of presidential power while participating in a planning session to subvert the certification of the duly elected next president by submitting baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Things didn’t work out for him and his co-conspirators in 2020, but Harris appears to have no compunction about participating in dishonest and anti-Democratic activity then, so what would keep him on the right side of the Constitution the next time he backs a sore loser?