Dan Rodricks: Heather Mizeur Offers Heart-Smart Politics Against Andy Harris’ Cynical Extremism

Baltimore Sun

Across the nation, with 435 seats in the House of Representatives up for election on Nov. 8, it’s hard to imagine a voter choice more stark than the one between Andy Harris and Heather Mizeur in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.

Harris is the incumbent Republican (and anesthesiologist) running for a seventh term he once promised not to seek. Mizeur is the Democratic former state delegate (now herb farmer) challenging him in the heavily red district.

The state’s lone Republican in Congress, Harris is stridently conservative, a Trump adherent way out on the right. He’s a fan of the Hungarian authoritarian, Viktor Orban.

Mizeur is liberal with a touch of common-sense moderation that stems from her farming-family roots and supports her heart-smart — some would call it “touchy feely” — approach to public policy. She’s no fans of dictators.

Heather Mizeur: What I Learned About Respectful Politics From Mike Smigiel

Baltimore Sun

Former Cecil County Del. Mike Smigiel, taken from us too soon last month at age 64, was a devoted husband and father, a proud former Marine and a dedicated public servant. He was also my dear friend and valued colleague.

Mike’s passing is not just a grievous loss for those of us who knew him, but a reminder that even in these times of deep division, we can hold up our most cherished beliefs without putting down those with whom we disagree. That was Mike’s approach to politics, and it’s one we can all learn from. He and I often viewed issues from quite different perspectives, but we were able to work together and find common ground because our relationship was rooted in friendship, respectful listening, and a desire to understand one another.

Were I Andy Harris, I’d Hide From Debate, Too

Star Democrat

Andy Harris has punked out on debating Heather Mizeur. I don’t blame him.

Harris catered to none but the wealthiest constituents; he had the gall to be photographed at local infrastructure projects that he voted against; Harris displayed willful ignorance — despite having an M.D. — of women’s health issues; he gave $1.5 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthy while leaving the rest of us dangling; he conspired with Trump on the insurrection then turned his back on the cops who came to save him in that riot; and he voted to “throw out” thousands of votes in an attempt to steal the election.

Candidates Agree to 2 Debates in Maryland’s First District, Some Insist for More


SALISBURY, Md. – Congressman Andy Harris, a Republican and former Delegate Heather Mizeur, a Democrat have agreed to two debates in their first Congressional District race.

Bill Chambers of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce wants a debate to take place on the lower shore.

“We will proudly host Congressman Harris and candidate Heather Mizeur any place, any time,” he said.

Chambers says he will accommodate so voters can hear from the candidates on the issues.

Eastern Shore Congressional Candidates To Meet for Televised Debate

Maryland Matters

Three candidates vying to represent the Eastern Shore in Congress will meet for a televised debate in late October.

Cecil Public Media announced the event featuring Rep. Andy Harris (R), former Del. Heather Mizeur (D) and Libertarian Daniel Thibeault late on Friday evening.

The candidates were each confirmed for the forum after Harris earlier backed out of the proposed event, citing a concern that Thibeault wasn’t included.

Film Crew Creates Mizeur Campaign Ad in Easton

The Star Democrat

EASTON — The cries of action and quiet on the set could be heard on Washington Street as a crew of 10 was busy creating an ad for Heather Mizeur’s Congressional run in the First District. There were gaffers, best boys and assistant cameramen hustling to get the perfect take. With blending brushes in hand, a make up artist made sure everyone looked great for their close up.

A couple of locals, Peggy Ford and Moonyene S. Jackson could be found on set. Ford was overseeing the shoot near the store where she was working and Jackson was a talking head in front of the camera when the shoot moved into Thompson Park.