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The Democrat Star

Various Russian officials have recently threatened to include the sovereign nation of Moldova in the immoral and illegal war to grab territories formerly within the USSR. In response, the U.S. House of Representatives on April 27, 2022 passed a bi-partisan resolution expressing support for Moldova’s democracy, independence, and territorial integrity and strengthening United States and Moldova relations. A clear warning shot across the bow of Putin and his henchmen.

The resolution passed 409 to 17. Guess who was among the 17 “no” votes? Joining such luminaries as Paul Gosart, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Madison Cawthorn, our own Andy Harris proudly voted to give support and cover to Vladimir Putin and his war criminals.

Dan Rodricks: Baltimore attorney decries ‘absence of simple human decency’ in House vote rejecting honor for Black judge | COMMENTARY

The Baltimore Sun

“In my life,” Eric Schuster said, “except for my father and father-in-law, there has been no man I respected more than Judge Joseph W. Hatchett.”

In the time since then, members of Congress from Florida thought it appropriate to designate the courthouse and federal building on North Adams Street in Tallahassee the “Joseph Woodrow Hatchett United States Courthouse and Federal Building.” So they introduced a bill to that end in Congress.

In the end, even Republicans who sponsored the courthouse measure voted against it.

Marylanders will not be surprised to learn that Rep. Andy Harris was among the 186 Republicans who voted nay because expecting Harris to do anything decent or effective in Congress is like expecting Back River to turn to honey.

Letter to Editor: Mizeur’s Accomplishments Have Prepared Her for Congress

The Cambridge Spy

When voters choose which candidate for whom to vote, it is important to look at what he/she has accomplished in the past.  Heather Mizeur is running to be our next Congresswoman from the first district.  Mizeur’s many accomplishments indicate what kind of legislator she would be if elected. Two of the many areas in which she has excelled are better health care for Marylanders and environmental/farming issues. 

While serving 8 years as a Maryland delegate, Mizeur made tremendous contributions to ensure that Marylanders have access to health care.

Dozens of House Republicans balk at resolution supporting NATO


About four years ago, as Donald Trump complained about NATO, Republican leaders on Capitol Hill seemed eager to express their support for the alliance. In July 2018, as the House passed a non-binding resolution expressing support for NATO by unanimous voice vote, then-Speaker Paul Ryan described the international coalition as “indispensable.”

GOP politics has not improved in the years since.

Andy Harris lacks basic decency | READER COMMENTARY

The Baltimore Sun

Dan Rodricks’ recent column (“For 1st District voters, a choice between common decency and Andy Harris,” March 25) was right on target, noting that voters of Maryland’s 1st District will get to choose not just between a Republican and Democrat, but between “decency and what you’ve been getting from Andy Harris.” Mr. Rodricks finds it challenging to identify the worst items in the incumbent’s record, but the column was apparently triggered by two recent votes that Mr. Rodricks believes reflect the congressman’s “indecency” and “heartlessness.”

Dan Rodricks: For 1st District voters, a choice between common decency and Andy Harris | COMMENTARY

The Baltimore Sun

In November, voters in Maryland’s 1st District will decide whether to send to Congress a new representative who exhibits some integrity and decency or settle for Republican Andy Harris again.

As of now, that’s the choice — unless, of course, Democrats nominate a complete nincompoop to compete with Harris for the House seat. Even in that highly dubious scenario, however, it’s hard to imagine a Democrat being a worse representative of the 1st District than Harris has been.