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Checking in on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Trail

“We need to be known for being represented by leaders who come up with innovative policy solutions to our biggest challenges and who are addressing the toxic relationship within the Congress — not by throwing more bombs and promoting additional division, but really looking at how can we come together again to make progress,” Mizeur said in an interview late last month while visiting local businesses.  READ MORE


21 Republicans vote 'no' to awarding gold medal to police who defended Capitol on Jan. 6

VIDEO: Watch Heather’s interview on WUSA9 countering Andy Harris’ ridiculous claim that these were not violent insurrectionists who stormed our Capitol on January 6th.


Objecting to ‘insurrection’: Andy Harris joins 20 Trump backers in voting against House resolution on police, Jan. 6.

“He stood with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz in opposing this bill, ignoring the wishes of his constituents. He sides with traitors and insurrectionists, not with law-abiding citizens, and not with our police. We’ve become accustomed to this: Andy Harris represents the absolute fringe of the Republican Party, and it’s a stain on our state and our district,” said Heather Mizeur, former progressive state lawmaker who is running as a Democrat to challenge Harris in 2022.  READ MORE

In Campaign Mailer, Harris Warns of Mizeur’s Fundraising and Democratic Redistricting Efforts

Harris describes Mizeur as a “prolific fundraiser” hand-picked by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to run against him.

“My Democrat opponent Heather Mizeur outraised me by $100,000 in the last quarter,” the outside of the envelope reads, “Now Democrats are trying to redraw my congressional district to defeat me. If I don’t do this, Maryland will lose its only Republican Congressman.”   READ MORE


Doug Gansler, former Maryland Attorney General, Endorses Mizeur for Congress



Equality PAC endorses three LGBTQ candidates in key congressional races

Mizeur “amassed a decidedly progressive record while also managing to achieve some key bipartisan compromises with her Republican colleagues during her time in the General Assembly.” READ MORE

Congressional LGBTQ Equality Caucus Endorses Mizeur for Congress

Equality PAC is the political arm of the Congressional LGBTQ Equality Caucus. They announced their endorsement today, the beginning of Pride Month. READ MORE


Maryland Treasurer Nancy Kopp Endorses Mizeur for Congress

Election 2022: Heather Mizeur Maps Out Her Campaign for Congress

“But that’s the thing about Mizeur: she looks for common cause, the similarities, not the differences where polar opposites dominate the national conversation, and she’s had lots of experience building those bridges” WATCH VIDEO

Baltimore County Executive Olszewski Endorses Mizeur For Congress

Former Republican Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (MD-1) Endorses Mizeur for Congress

Congressman Anthony Brown (MD-4) Endorses Mizeur for Congress

Mizeur Collects $350K for Congressional Bid

 “As a constituent and a patriot, I know the time has come for a change — not just in who represents us, but how. Our representatives should reflect the very best of who we are.” READ MORE

Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-8) Endorses Mizeur for Congress

Big Redistricting News for MD-01 from The Cook Political Report

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report recently showed how redistricting could swing the make up of Maryland’s 1st District far more competitive or even leaning Democratic. READ MORE


WNAV radio newsmaker interview with Heather Mizeur

WNAV news interviews Congressional Candidate Heather Mizeur for Maryland’s First District — 26 mins

Mizeur Guest Commentary: Voting Rights Should Not Be a Partisan Issue

Democracy is not guaranteed. It is an experiment – alive and fluid, changing based on the ways that we, the people, show up (or not) to embody it, defend it, work to strengthen it. Our democracy is a brilliant and noble concept, but we have never fully measured up to its calling.   READ MORE….

Harris Calls Resolution to Honor Officers Who Fought Insurrectionists a ‘Stunt’

“By any measure, this is an extremist position that disgraces our district,” [Mizeur] wrote. “Many of those Capitol Police officers are Marylanders. All of them are heroes. Harris is picking sides here, and he has chosen to stand with a violent mob of insurrectionists over those on the front lines who defended his own life that day.” READ MORE

Rep. Andy Harris one of 12 to vote against Congressional Gold Medal for Capitol Police

“Maybe this shouldn’t surprise us since he refused to acknowledge the outcome of the presidential election…” said [Mizeur] the former state delegate… from 2007 to 2015. “But by any measure, this is an extremist position that disgraces our district. Many of those Capitol Police officers are Marylanders.”

Senator Van Hollen Endorses Mizeur in 1st District House Race

Kent County resident Heather Mizeur has received the endorsement of U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen in her bid to represent Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Congress.

Van Hollen called Mizeur “the bold innovative leader we need in Congress for Maryland’s First District.”

MIZEUR EDITORIAL: For Rural America, broadband access today is what electricity access was 100 years ago.

Without it, rural communities like those on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and elsewhere can’t compete.

The Capitol Riot Pissed Off These People So Much They’re Running for Office

Like so many around the country, Heather Mizeur felt a painful sweep of emotions on January 6 as she watched the U.S. Capitol come under attack—shock, rage, hurt, grief.

Mizeur Reports Fast Fundraising Start

Broadband access today is what electricity access was 100 years ago. Without it, rural communities like those on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and elsewhere can’t compete.

Heather Mizeur, former Md. state delegate, to challenge Rep. Andy Harris in 2022

to challenge Rep. Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, citing the Republican congressman’s behavior in the aftermath of the assault on the Capitol.

After Capitol riot, electoral challenge, 2014 Maryland gubernatorial candidate Mizeur to seek Rep. Andy Harris’ seat

Democrat Heather Mizeur, a former state delegate and 2014 gubernatorial candidate, will seek next year to unseat six-term U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, the lone Republican in Maryland’s congressional delegation.

Why Maryland Democrat Heather Mizeur decided to challenge Republican Rep. Andy Harris after Capitol siege | COMMENTARY

“I heard from many across the political spectrum that they are hungry for an alternative from the embarrassing spectacle they’ve seen play out over the last few weeks,” Mizeur says.

Heather Mizeur announces challenge to Congressman Andy Harris

Mizeur, one of fewer than a dozen out LGBTQ lawmakers to be elected to political office in Maryland, has officially launched her campaign for Congress.

Heather Mizeur to Challenge Congressman Harris

“The events of Jan. 6 have forever changed us, Mizeur said in the video. “Witnessing a treasonous insurrection against the citadel of our democracy, with the express encouragement of those bound by a Constitutional oath to protect it, is an unforgivable betrayal.”

Democrat Heather Mizeur to challenge Eastern Shore Rep. Andy Harris; calls Jan. 6 events ‘domestic terrorism’

Former Democratic State lawmaker, Heather Mizeur has annouced she is running against U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md–1st in the 2022 election.

Mizeur challenging Harris for 1st District

Heather Mizeur wants Eastern Shore residents to be proud of their congressional representative again.

Heather Mizeur announces campaign to challenge Andy Harris

“The events of Jan. 6 have forever changed us. Witnessing a treasonous insurrection against the citadel of our democracy with the express encouragement of those bound by a constitutional oath to protect it, was an unforgivable betrayal.”

Democrat Heather Mizeur Hoping To Oust Rep. Andy Harris In Maryland’s 1st District; Harford County Executive Mulling Primary Challenge

While the election for the seat representing Maryland’s first congressional district in the House of Representatives is nearly two years away, the list of candidates hoping to defeat incumbent Rep. Andy Harris is already beginning to take shape.

Capitol attack, threats not deterring congressional hopefuls

Campaigns grappling with security questions, but recruitment continues

House Dems move to yoke GOP to QAnon

House Democrats are preparing to center their strategy for the far-off midterm elections on a simple, aggressive message: Republicans are the party of QAnon.

Heather Mizeur to challenge anti-LGBTQ Md. congressman

“Andy Harris’ actions on that day alone disqualify him to represent Maryland’s 1st district, but since that act of domestic terrorism, unbecoming conduct has become his calling card,” said Mizeur.