Update: 10/6

Independent women, non-conservative Republicans and non-conservative Independents in the Salisbury and Baltimore media markets need to see OTT advertisements, along with pre-roll, Facebook, and programmatic video and display advertisements that show Andy Harris is extreme and out of touch with the First District, and has spent his time in Washington working to implement his extreme agenda rather than lower costs for Marylanders.

  • Harris is co-sponsoring a bill to ban abortion nationwide even in cases of rape and incest, and he voted to protect sex traffickers and even to stop veterans from getting health care.
  • Meanwhile Harris has cozied up to white supremacists and other dangerous radicals. 
  • Harris is so extreme that even Republican Governor Larry Hogan called him “crazy.”

These voters also need to see digital display advertisements about Heather Mizeur, an Eastern Shore farmer whose Republican colleagues in the legislature called her a “straight shooter.”  She will work with either party to get things done for our communities.